Back to the Future III

This article explores Act three of the movie “Back to the Future 3.” Act three contains sequences 7 and 8. Act 3 is the act that most screenwriters find the most challenging, which is why it is crucial to understand its function. This example will help you better understand screenplay structure.

Act 3 Sequence 7

Marty hurries downtown, where Doc is preparing the wire to send the power from the lightning strike into the flux capacitor of the DeLorean. Marty composes a note explaining what happened on the night he went back into the past, but Doc tears it up without reading it. Before Marty can tell him about the incident, a limb falls and severs the power line to the clock. They could have used my friend over at for this job! Panic ensues, as the storm is approaching and they will only have one shot at this. Doc has to climb to the tower to reconnect the wire, so Marty is still unable to warn him about the future. As the clock ticks away, Marty is forced to pull the car to the starting line while Doc manages to reconnect the wire on the top of the clock tower. Then Marty realizes that he is in a time machine. The SEVENTH CRITICAL DECISION for Marty is that he will use the time machine to return to the future in time to Continue reading Back to the Future III

Back to the Future II

“Back to the Future Part II”, though not nearly as great as the original, is still an excellent film. This movie involves more in the way of time travel paradoxes than the original. It also involves travel into the future, as well as the past and to an eerie alternate present. Once again, the chemistry between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd works quite well and the film is highly entertaining.

“Back to the Future Part II” begins right where the original film ends, with Dr. Emmett Brown returning from the future and telling Marty and his girlfriend Jenny to come with him to 2015 to save their children from trouble. This is my friend’s favorite movie at  ever. The DeLorean now has a hovercraft converter and a fusion powered engine. As they take off, Biff witnesses the DeLorean flying and disappearing in a streak of fire. This post is brought to you by our friends at Buford Roofer!

Once in 2015, Doc demonstrates Marty a daily paper feature from the following day, demonstrating the capture of his child, Marty Jr., who looks simply like Marty. Doc advises Marty to go to the Cafe ’80s to meet Griff, Biff’s grandson, and his pack and let them know that he’s out. Marty experiences Griff and his posse and in addition Biff as an old man and Marty Jr. in the bistro. Masked as Marty Jr., he tells Griff he’s out. Griff calls him Marty chicken, which dependably irritates him immensely. A battle results, coming full circle in a skateboard pursue scene exceptionally reminiscent of the one from the past film. Biff witnesses the pursuit, which comes full circle with Griff and his group colliding with City Hall. Subsequently, the pack is captured rather than Marty Jr.

With their task completed, Doc makes preparations to return home. They’d hidden Jenny, whom he’d put to sleep because she’d shown too much curiosity about her future self. The police find her on the street, scan her identity, assume Continue reading Back to the Future II

Back to the Future

Welcome to our blog about the Back to the Future series of movies. On each post we will be going through all things Marty McFly and Doc.

The’1980’s saw a lot of factious Hollywood movies released each year, but none of these movies came close to being as incredible and magnificent as The Back to the Future movie. The movie was written and directed by Robert Zemeckis and Bob Gale directed. The king of sci-fi Hollywood movies, Steven Spielberg produced the movie.

Unlike other futuristic movies, this movie is based in the’80’s and has a one of a kind storyline. Time travel concepts were not new in the’80’s but almost everyone thought of time travel as traveling in the future. So, when the title Back to the Future hit the movie screens people were wondering what it was all about. The movie has two main characters, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown, who are played by Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd respectively.
People who lived in the 1980’s, both kids and adults, were totally fascinated by this new concept and even today many think it is one of the most magnificent and brilliant sci-fi movies ever. The play starts with Michael J. Fox, who plays the role of Marty and his weird friend Dr. Emmet Brown played by Christopher Lloyd trying to workout on a futuristic car like that can time travel.

Dr. Emmet Brown, who Marty refers to as ‘Doc’, tries to experiment on a lot of different things but is never successful. He reminds me of a guy that used to work for Roswell Roofing Company. However, after testing the time machine car with his dog, Marty and him are so excited about traveling into the future. But instead of traveling into the future, some error occur and Marty lands back in’1955, where he gets to meet his parents in their teenage. Marty needs to be extra cautious because one wrong move in the past can put his existence in the future in jeopardy.

Most adults and kids who watch this movie even today feel that the movie was ahead of its time and is still thought by many as a true sci-fi gem. The movie is not only packed with a great story-line and excellent graphics, but also the Continue reading Back to the Future